Friday, June 10, 2011

The Terms Of Being An 'Offical'

Hi everybody! I have been reading some blog posts about being offical. That some bloggers are ranting, speaking their mind, switching sides, ETC. Honestly in the man made world we live in there IS such a thing as 'offical' but in the real, true world. Where there were only gardens, rivers, fruits, trees, flowers, animals. The word 'offical' doesn't exist in that world. I mean seriously, in the world we live in people divide us. Blacks to Whites. Asians to Americans. Invisibles to Populars. Weirds to Normals. Officals to Regulars.

Sure some blogs have a guide of how you can make your blog an offical fansite. Some complain and rant. Some just ignore it and move on. Honestly the real question is can you treat yourself as an offical? Can you just work hard into making your blog popular, offical or not? Gobblers just think, 'Oooh if I make a blog then I'll become famous' No, no, no, no, no. Blogging is a way to socialize, show talent, respondsibility, working hard. Just like if you wanted to pass the finals you would be respondible and study your eyeballs out. That's how it is.

On one of the blogs I read, "Don't think your blog is 'just a blog'" I forgot who write about that but they are such a genius. Blogging is a gift, if you just use it for nonsense then you really aren't a real Wizard101 blogger. It really is stupid just to use blogging as a way to fame. Also don't offend any fellow blogger or Wizard101 community member. If somebody is posting more about their life than Wizard101 then you either ignore it or tell that person nicely. Remember that this game is a family friendly game, and KI wants it to stay that way.

I think my big speech is done now :) Thanks for reading and see you around Wizard City!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello, my name is Caroline DragonStone DreamSword and I've decided to blog AND write stories. So I'll have a full plate this summer. Well, my first book is DragonStone Secrets and my second is My Wizard Ways. I must warn you, Elizabeth and I are writing books back and forth, so her first book Elizabeth DragonStone goes first, then DragStone Secrets, My Vampiric Ways (Elizabeth's), and My Wizard Ways. But if your still confused I'll have a list of the books on a side soon.

 Elizabeth and I's series is a never ending series. Elizabeth's character is the bad one (of course) and my character is the nice one. Elizabeth heads off to Ravenwood after Caroline tells her that she was born a Necromancer. Caroline decided to go to a mortal high school for the school year to get away from all the stress of Celestia. While both cousins attend Ravenwood, chaos will run through the Spiral. The DragonStone series is the number one on your summer reading list.

If your interested about the series, we have to wait for Elizabeth to finish her first book and publish it on her blog. But we'll be at the Ravenwood Ball if you ever want to meet us. Also during the summer Elizabeth and I will be writing the books but we might be busy. If we post any of the books late please do not pressure us since we write this from our own minds up to the documents. Thanks for reading :) see you around the Spiral!