DragonStone Secrets

Chapter 1: The new student around 
Caroline stood outside of her dorm wearing a Dragonsypre Academy uniform. She looked around, already knowing that her cousin wasn't going to come. She started walking inside Bartleby and put in the spiral key. She opened the door and stepped forward; walking on the cracked floors of Dragonsypre. She started walking down the spiraling way until she was in the middle of the Basilica. "Ms. DreamSword, I would've showed you around but one of the students will" Cyrus said with his annoyed voice.

Caroline felt somebody tapping on her shoulder; she turned around and saw a girl wearing the same robe as her. "Hi I'm Destiny DeathSword" the girl said in a cheerful voice. Caroline smiled, "Caroline DragonStone DreamSword" Destiny stared at her with a surprised look while Caroline gave a confused face. "OMG, I can't believe I'm meeting a legendary DragonStone!" Destiny said excitedly. Caroline continued giving a confused face, "My family may be very known around here but I don't think we're legends."

"Ok, both of you can gossip and do each others nails later." Cryus said, still annoyed. Destiny and Caroline walked toward a nearby portal. As the reached Dragonsypre Academy, Caroline looked around. Nearly every tree is cut down except for the Fire and Death trees. "This is so sad what Malistaire did." Caroline said. Destiny nodded, "He should've gone to rehab" Caroline stared at Destiny for a moment, "Oh yeah, why don't we send a pissed off Death teacher to a mortal rehab." Destiny facepalmed herself, "What was I thinking. He should've gone to wizard rehab." Caroline giggled, "Wizard rehab? I don't think that exists.". Destiny nodded, "Uh yeah, if a therapist who is a wizard made it then it would exist."

Caroline rolled her eyes and smiled; the crowded center of Dragonsypre Academy quickly disappeared into the Fire classroom. Destiny surprisingly grabbed Caroline by the arm and ran quickly to the classroom also. As they reached inside everybody was seated. Caroline walked down the steps and sat down at a seat in the front. The door opened rapidly and everybody turned quiet. An old lady who had a strict look walked down the steps until she reached up to the board. She wore the same robe as the students but longer. She started writing on the board, forcing the chalk on the board so hard that little squeaks came out.

"I am Ms. Talon for those who are new." she said. She faced Caroline and motioned her to come up. Caroline stood up, feeling her heart beat loudly. "Ms. DreamSword came from Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. She was born here on Dragonsypre. Hopefully she doesn't cause any chaos just like her cousin." Ms. Talon said, her tone sounding very strict. Ms. Talon pushed Caroline back to her seat, as Caroline sat down she wondered why Ms. Talon thinks that she'll cause chaos just like Elizabeth. If she knows about Elizabeth then she should know that Caroline is the good one right?

"Open your dragon handbooks to page 20." Ms. Talon said. As Caroline opend the page she started to think, 'I came here to learn more about my family. Not to be pushed around by a teacher who barely knows me.' she thought.